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Labor law and Company Policies

The team specialized in labor law and company policies offers advice and assistance in the management of labor law aspects related to corporate operations, to all medium or big companies operating in different industrial and commercial sectors.

We assist and represent the customer in every phase and degree of all sector disputes; we provide specific advice to companies to implement the best managerial intervention strategies related to business as regards employee management.

Among the activities we carry out are:

  • advice about all matters relating to the management of human resources and trade union relations.
  • Advice about dismissal procedures and for the termination of all types of employment relationships.
  • Drafting of non-competition, confidentiality and confidentiality agreements.
  • Advice about placement, remuneration, social security charges and workplace safety.
  • Negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, relating to any type of activity and subject.
  • Advice on planning and management of work issues in the context of acquisitions, reorganization, restructuring, divestments of individual operating units.
  • Assistance in all types of labor and social security litigation, also before the higher courts and the bodies responsible for the alternative resolution of disputes, including arbitrations.