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Recovery of extrajudicial and judicial credits

Coscia Law Firm has a long experience in the field of debt collection and can assist you in any grade and out-of-court or judicial phase, thanks to the expertise of its lawyers and the close network of relationships with external professionals, who support us in the research phase of the debtor’s assets to be subjected to forced execution.

Our strength has always been and always will be transparency and clarity in the presentation of the objectives and the possibility or impossibility to achieve them.

The main purpose is the recovery of your money, but the success of the operation often depends on the presence or absence of goods owned by the debtor, which can guarantee the satisfaction of your credit reasons.

Therefore, we consider appropriate to place yourself immediately before the eventual failure of the operation and allow you to decide whether to give up or start the judicial process together.

In any case, we will already submit one or more strategies aimed at achieving the final result in the preliminary phase, to allow you evaluating times and costs of the operation and decide whether to take the chosen path with us.