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Turning your business idea into a successful start-up, especially when you enter the business world at a young age, can turn out to be more complicated than expected.

Statistically, 80% of new businesses in Italy fail to pass the start-up phase and are forced to close before the age of three. In such a difficult scenario, made even more complex by the particular dynamics that regulate the Italian market, the consultancy service for start-ups takes on a crucial role, because it provides entrepreneurs with all the indispensable tools to follow a safe path and get the project off the ground, avoiding bad surprises.

How to transform an innovative idea into a successful business?

A great idea is not enough to be successful! To be defined as such, it must materialize in reality.

The brighter and more ambitious the idea, the greater the entrepreneur’s “headaches” will be. Precisely for this reason, strategic planning is crucial from the start of the project.

The first thing to do, when deciding to start a business, is to get informed thoroughly, trying to learn as many concepts as possible, to ascertain the feasibility of the project and analyzing any critical issues, to follow the most appropriate procedure.

The importance of consulting services in the start-up phase

The consultancy and assistance services for start-ups accompany the new entrepreneur along the path that leads to the development of a new successful entrepreneurial reality.

Initial planning, therefore, is the first and fundamental step for starting the company: an accurate and well-defined Business Plan and an adequate Marketing Strategy are the pillars on which to develop your business. These tools are not only useful for starting your own business, but will help the startupper to transform entrepreneurial risks and critical issues into real opportunities for development and growth.

Submitting your business idea to professionals in the sector allows you to undertake the path with the necessary support, from the early stages of the project, through:

  • the evaluation of the real potential of your own business idea;
  • a careful study of the market and competitors;
  • accurate tax planning;
  • the identification of all the facilities, contributions and incentives to be accessed to finance your start-up.

Incentives for startups: tenders, contributions, loans and subsidies

Financial availability is undoubtedly one of the main problems that afflict those who want to launch their business project on the market. How much money does it take to start and sustainably grow a start-up? What are the benefits provided for those wishing to start a new business? How can I finance my start-up without risking getting into debt?

To answer these, and other financial questions, it is advisable to contact a professional who can provide adequate advice to start-ups.

A good consultant, in fact, offers valuable help in the following activities:

  • search for tenders, concessions and targeted loans to finance the activities indicated in the business plan and in line with the start-up’s market objectives;
  • directs the startupper towards the best solution for finding economic resources, also through the search for “alternative” sources of financing such as, for example, business angels, venture capitalists and crowdfunding.

An innovative start-up has the right to obtain numerous legal, economic and tax benefits, which aim to support the business project in all its phases, starting from the establishment of the start-up.

In this regard, in fact, the legislator has provided various “incentives” to support aspiring entrepreneurs who decide to undertake this path.

However, the discipline of the sector is constantly changing and could be complex, especially for young “inexperienced” entrepreneurs. Also for this reason, consultancy for start-ups turns out to be a valid support for a careful, aware and suitable evaluation to defend and protect the assets of new entrepreneurs.

Startup consultancy: what does it consist of?

It is a targeted and tailored service for each start-up, which supports the development of a business idea, to transform it into a successful business reality.

The consultancy is accompanied by a concrete assistance activity and both are provided in all stages of the start-up development, articulated in different steps:

  • Analysis of market prospects and competitors, to understand the potential of the products or services offered, comparing them with those of the competition and evaluating, also through preliminary surveys, what appeal they could have on the market.
  • Preparation of a first Business Plan, ie the program that outlines the entire business strategy, starting from the birth of the start-up itself. This document serves not only to define the strategy and the action plan, but
    • also illustrates the objectives and how to proceed to achieve them;
    • it will be essential to convince banks and investors to support the project.
  • Identification of investments and resources for the realization of the project; development of a plan to make the company profitable and sustainable from an economic / financial point of view.
  • Support in the search for investors and assistance in the negotiation and preparation of agreements.
  • Definition of the corporate structure: shareholders, employees and the composition of the team that will be part of the new company.
  • Coaching and continuous support for development.

Startup consulting: why is it important?

The start-up phase of an innovative company is undoubtedly the most delicate and important. And it is precisely the preliminary stage that has the greatest impact on the success of a business project in the medium to long term.

The startup consultancy service allows you to set the right strategy from the start, allowing startuppers to know and access the various legal, economic and tax benefits available.

The support offered by experienced professionals in starting startups, in fact, is not only strategic, but also legal, tax and corporate.

The Consultant accompanies the new realities throughout the entire growth path, thanks to the knowledge of the subject and current legislation, the skills and experience gained in the field: all fundamental tools for successfully developing a business idea.

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