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Coscia Law Firm provides advice and legal assistance to private citizens and companies of different sizes, in multiple thematic areas and industrial sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Right from the start, we based our business on five fundamental elements: seriousness, competence, professionalism, transparency and, above all, attention to the clients needs, whether they are private citizens or big companies.

The ultimate goal that we intend to pursue, is always indeed to protect interest of our clients, looking for the solution which best suits their needs and the achievement of the best possible result in all circumstances.

Every client who call on our Law Firm – from the private citizen to the large company – is looking for qualified assistance and serious, competent and flexible professionals who manage their file with dedication and professionalism and turn a problem into an opportunity.

To ensure these high profile standards, the advice and assistance are enhanced by the professionalism and competence of specialized colleagues constantly updated in various areas of law, as well as leading professionals in their respective sectors (Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Experts, etc.).

Our mission is to support you in the chosen way and work together to achieve your goals, which also become ours.