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Litigation, Arbitration, ADR and ODR

Whatever the extent and nature of a dispute, the client deserves serious and qualified professionals at his side, on whom to put the utmost trust and who are able to offer him the complete picture of the risks and costs. , timing and possible implications.

For this reason, we believe that building the relationship on trust can only take place through close collaboration and maximum transparency between the client and the lawyer.

We assist every type of company, both italian and foreign, in every phase and degree of the dispute, both in court and arbitration. The peculiarity of our study is that it shows off several professionals specialized in the respective legal areas, who can provide the client with high-profile assistance in every case.

Our modus operandi, for each practice, consists in advising our clients a targeted strategy to achieve the best possible result, taking into account the “pros” and “cons”, both economically and in terms of image.

Moreover, in recent years, with the development of the “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and the “Online Dispute Resolution” procedures, we always offer our clients, where possible, the possibility of undertaking the aforementioned extrajudicial procedures, generally more “lean” than an ordinary judgment and aimed at reaching a binding agreement for both parties.