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Compensation for damages arising from medical or professional liability

Medical liability can arise in multiple circumstances, such as:

  • omission of diligence, prudence or expertise in the intervention;
  • incorrect and/or delayed diagnosis;
  • omission of post-operative assistance;
  • the early discharge of the patient;
  • the serious structural deficiencies of the public or private hospital structure;
  • do not obtain the “informed consent” before any medical treatment;
  • infections contracted within the healthcare structure.

In general, any professional activity, if carried out with imprudence or inexperience, can also cause permanent damage to clients or patients who have placed full trust in the professional’s skills and competences.

Our Law Firm provides assistance to anyone who believes they have suffered damage resulting from the responsibility of the doctor or the hospital, or any other professional, advising you on the right procedure to be undertaken and assisting you in the process of requesting compensation for the damage suffered.

Each action, however, requires preliminary advice, often enhanced by the contribution of consultants and specialists in the sector, in order to evaluate the possible infringement of constitutionally guaranteed rights and the concrete possibility of obtaining compensation for the suffered damage.

On the other hand, Coscia Law Firm also offers legal advice and assistance to doctors, hospital managers and all health professionals, who have received a request for compensation for alleged medical and/or healthcare liability.