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Copyright and Entertainment law

The entertainment sector requires specific expertise and constant attention to the needs of clients, companies or individual artists. Among their needs, as well as production and distribution companies, there is protecting themselves from falsification and the indiscriminate use of intellectual property.

Copyright has the main purpose of protecting musical, literary, theatrical, graphic, photographic, cinematographic, multimedia works, etc., through the power to claim authorship and prevent others from using it without the necessary authorization.

However, from the patrimonial point of view, the author get the right to transfer his work to third parties to obtain an immediate profit, in the form of a royalty, through publication, distribution, license or with a permanent transfer.

The Related rights, on the other hand, are related to Copyright, with the main purpose of protecting the legal interests of those artists who add creative, technical or organizational skills to intellectual works, as well as the manufacturers and broadcasters who contribute to making these works available to the public. Coscia Law Firm provides advice aimed at the needs of authors, producers and organizations operating in the world of entertainment (music, cinema, theater, television) and in other sectors (photography, painting, etc.) assisting them in the protection of moral and economic rights connected to the intellectual works and to the exploitation of them, both contractually and through judicial protection.